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Everything you require to acquire the career of your dreams is within reach. Whether you are a newcomer to the job market looking to build a long term career or you are someone who has already worked for several years and are looking at moving up the ladder or even someone who is at the highest level of your careers but are keen to acquire new skills and perspectives, I can help you achieve them. Together, we will overcome the hurdles that are in the way, learn new skills and techniques that will propel your career forward and acquire the success that you deserve.


The Career Coaching program consists of one to one personalised coaching sessions between you and myself. These coaching sessions can be face to face or through Phone/Skype. Thus, no matter where you are located, you can take the full benefit of the Career Coaching Programs. These sessions will be full of new discoveries, insights and pathbreaking revelations about your life and career. As the program continues, you will achieve new breakthroughs and learn to overcome obstacles in your path and move towards your goal with a renewed sense of optimisim, confidence and courage.


Career Coaching Programs

Bulletproof Resume Creation

Considering that 99% of all CV's submitted never even get viewed, having the right CV that can get past both scanning software as well as the human recruiter is key to getting that job you want so much. This coaching program will walk you through the various aspects of creating the most effective and powerful CV that will force your job application through to the shortlisting stage. We will cover the entire creation process from start to finish and at the end of this program you will not only know how to create a powerful CV but also how to tweak it for every job you apply to ensure that you get shortlisted. This course by itself has the potential to get you a job.

LinkedIn Job Secrets

Today, LinkedIn is the #1 source for career advancement and networking. Yet most people who use LinkedIn think of it as just another social media platform like Facebook. LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform and if used properly can generate huge number of opportunities for anyone in any industry and in any country. Learn in detail about how to leverage the potential of LinkedIn to serve your needs, understand how to build your profile from the ground up, what kind of network generation strategy you need to have and what to do with the network once you have it. You will also learn about how to increase reader engagement through the use of long form posts, sharing, promoting and positioning your personal brand.

Success at Interviews

A vast majority of job applicants who get shortlisted for an interview never make it. This program is for you, if you would like to avoid stumbling at the final stage. I teach you, step by step about what to do before the interview, the preparations you need to do, interview techniques including body language, enunciation, listening skills, comprehension, how to answer tough questions, how to ask for a decision and much more. You will see yourself doing the interview and identify areas of improvement. Thus, this program is just one short step away from the real interview and mastering the program will make your real interview effortless and successful.

Master Career Course

This is a Master Course covering the a-z of career development and includes all the individual programs rolled into one comprhensive package. Take the Master Course and be completely equipped in all respects to not only search for and get the job you want but also to build a sustainable and growing Personal Brand that will stand you in good stead over the years. The course includes all the 4 Programs: PERSONAL BRANDING, RESUME WORKSHOP, INTERVIEW WORKSHOP & LINKEDIN STRATEGY The course will be for a two hour duration everyday with specific activities and worksheets to be completed before the next day's session. Thus, you would work through a systematic and thorough process and bulletproof your career strategy.

Career Coaching could be invaluable in your career progress through your working life time

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get me a job ?

As a coach my job is to prepare you in every possible way to get to your goal, whether it is a job or a promotion or even a career change. I will provide you with all the tools and techniques to sharpen your skills and your job search strategy but ultimately success will be yours only if you put in efforts.


How will Career Coaching help me get a job ?

Career coaching will help you get clarity in defining your goals and priorities through a greater awareness of your hidden strengths and development areas, learning new skills and techniques, getting the confidence to think and dream big and bridging the gap between what you have and what you need to have.

What kind of results can I expect from Coaching ?

With systematic coaching approach, you can achieve results faster and with less effort than if you were to do it on your own. You will develop new skills, get a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive landscape and perform more efficiently at your job

What kind of commitment is needed from me ?

Having a coach requires a commitment from you. Your success will depend on you taking the time, focussing on the learning, coming with an open mind and completing the given tasks and assignments. But mostly, what is essential is your commitment to yourself and towards getting the life and career you seek.

Is coaching confidential ?

Trust is the bedrock on which coaching is built. All materials and discussions covered during our coaching sessions will remain confidential unless specifically authorised by you. All coaching is done as per the standards of the Intenational Coach Federation.

Can I pick my own schedule for the coaching ?

Absolutely. You can use our online scheduler to see dates and time slots when both of us are free and book them instantly. You will receive email confirmation and reminders for the sessions booked. You can also make changes or reschedule online.

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