Some Cold Facts about Goals Achievement

Percentage of People who know what they want from life

100 %

Percentage of People who actually achieve their Goals

100 %

Achieving Goal Success

The Goal Mastery Framework is a powerful methodology that is designed to take you through a 6 step process starting from where you stand right now all the way to where you want to be. The Goal Mastery Framework is a highly intuitive, result-oriented and practical process that allows you to fully explore the essence of who you are and understand the values and beliefs that make you who you are. 

As you work your way through the Goal Mastery Framework, you will discover new facets to yourself, gain new insights and revelations about that which matters most to you and get clarity on the path that is right for you.

The stages are to be gone through sequentially from 1 to 4 while stages 5 & 6 should be taken up concurrently.

Stage 1-DISTIL

The first step is to explore your inner self and understand the essence of who you are, the values that govern your life and the beliefs that define your words and actions.

Stage 2-DEFINE

The next stage where you will create a vision for your life, career or business based on the values and beliefs revealed in the first stage. This is a powerful visioning stage.

Stage 3-DESIGN

In congruence with your vision, you will set the direction that you want your life to take through powerful and inspiring goals that are in resonance with your values & beliefs


You will now create action steps that will translate the goals you have set in the previous stage to reality. You will deploy the resources that are required to make this happen

Stage 5-DIRECT

This is the action stage where you will start doing what you said you would in the previous stage. You will practice new behavior, new skills and new beliefs as you work you way through the milestones

Stage 6-DRIVE

In this final stage, you will evaluate the results and track your progress through using special tools as you start achieving the success that you have been working towards.

What are the Goals you seek?

The question you should ask yourself is ” What is that which is going to change my life completely?” What is the one thing that you wish you could achieve in your life, your career or your business? What do you need more of and what do you need less of, in your life right now?

Once you are able to answer that question, you are ready to start making your goal a reality with the help of the Goal Mastery Framework.

Sort out my Life

In today’s stressed world, millions of people  struggle with work-life balance, relationships, health and trying to maintain equilibrium with all of these and with their careers.

Nothing much can be achieved unless we first get the balance that is required; the ability to sort out our priorities, understand our needs, learn how to identify the things that sap our energy, know how to detox our relationships and create a space where our minds and soul could expand and explore the new opportunities that life puts in our path everyday.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

You know that you are burning the candle at both ends and that you need to get your life-balance sorted out. Create an actionable and achievable plan to create and maintain harmony

Get Your Finances Sorted

You want to achieve financial security and prosperity for you and for your loved ones. Create a plan of action to achieve your financial goals in a time-bound manner.

Get More Things Done

Personal Productivity is essential to reach the goals we set for ourselves. Find out how to boost yours by learning new skills and behavior.

Repair Your Relationships

Relationships are a casualty of the pressures of modern time and you will need to get clarity on whom you need right now in your life and who you certainly don't.

Hit Your Fitness Goals

If your health and fitness levels are an area of concern, you will need to tackle this on priority by creating goals and sticking to the actions until the goals are reached.

Follow Your Passions & Interests

Learn to play that instrument. Finish writing that book. Travel to that place you always wanted to. Create plans to help you achieve all these and more.

Fix My Career

This is something that everyone can relate with. With the way things are today in the global economy, job security and job satisfaction are at their lowest levels. Many people are struggling to keep and grow in their jobs amidst the growing job security worries, limited or no growth opportunities and a feeling of being stuck in the wrong profession. 

We need to have clarity on what are the values that are important to us and look at whether our current job is giving us that. Career choices and decision will be driven by a desire to align our lives with our profession in the most harmonious manner.

Get Promoted at Work

You have reached a good level within your organization due to your hard work and application. But now, you are finding that you are not able to progress further. You find that what worked for you in the past is not working anymore. You need a new strategy....

Start a Business

There is an entrepreneur within you waiting to be released. You know that there is more to life than doing what you are doing now and you are eager to show the world what you can achieve. The decision to start a business is not an easy one and you need to make sure that you have a clear plan of action....

Be More Productive

You are in a time-critical assignment and you are feeling stressed about completing your tasks on time. You are looking for ways to boost your productivity and manage your time and resources better. What will help you is to work on a time bound action plan to get to your goals....

Change Your Career

You are stuck in a job that means nothing to you. You feel that you are wasting your life doing something that is not what you want to do. You need to change your line of work and re-discover your passion. It's time for a new stage in your life. Creating a new goal to get what you want is what you need to do now....

Performing in a New Role

You have just been promoted or have now moved into a new role within your organization but you are feeling anxious about how you are going to perform in this new role. You wonder if you have the necessary workplace skills to succeed. What you need is a clear roadmap and resource map....

Develop Your Personal Brand

You wish to be known and recognized as an industry expert and increase your visibility within and outside your work-place. You want to create a unique and powerful personal branding that will achieve this. A methodical and carefully choreographed sequence of events will achieve this for you....

Grow My Business

The most crucial part of a business is its vision. Without that, no business can grow and flourish. And yet we find that many small businesses do not have much of clarity about the direction and thrust the business needs to take with the result that more often than not, small businesses lose their way and end up struggling.

The Goal Mastery Framework offers a robust and practical process through which an entrepreneur or small business owner can focus on what is really important to achieve and create actionable plans that will yield good results through diligence and direction.

Build your Business

Growth is Life. You want your business to grow beyond what it is today and to touch levels that you saw in your dreams. Build a framework to support this goal.

Hire Great People

Every great business has great people working for its success. Learn how to attract the best talent and how to keep them engaged.

Be More Productive

Create goals that will help you maximize time spent on your business and allow you time to create and imagine. Create an action plan to support this.

Create a Powerful Brand

If you want your business to grow beyond your immediate circle, learn how to build it as a brand and define activities to support the growth.

Create Successful Marketing Plans

Your business needs effective marketing. Create goals to develop new products, expand into new regions, acquire new customers and build a reputation for quality.

Keep Ahead of the Curve

All businesses need to stay agile and reactive. You need to keep up with new and emerging technologies and consumer trends. Build a robust plan to help you do this.


This should answer most of your queries about the Performance & Success Coaching. If there are other questions you would like answers to , write to me at and I will personally answer them.

Performance & Success coachingPersonal Performance Coaching is about helping you become better at what you do. It’s about helping you to create more opportunities and progress more effectively, and it’s done in the most powerful way possible; by increasing your awareness and responsibility towards your performance.

While Career or Life coaching focuses on one particular aspect of your personality, Performance coaching is a more holistic approach looking at total transformation with startling results.

Unlike conventional coaching, Performance & Success coaching is a deep and intensive coaching journey that happens over a 6 month period and over 6 distinct stages of the Goal Mastery Framework. There are new discoveries at every stage, new behavior to be experienced, new ideas to be explored and new actions to be taken. You will see the changes happening yourself as the journey unfolds.

The Performance & Success Coaching journey will be over a period of 6 months with 2 sessions of 2 hours each,  every month, making a total of 24 hours of intensive and deep coaching. Further, there would be many assignments to be completed, new behavior to be performed and analyzed as well as new skills to be learnt at every step of the way.

No problem. As part of the discovery stage, we will be working extensively on understanding your personality type, your work history and life experiences as well as learning about what are the values that are important to you. We will explore several inspirational goals for you to achieve that will elevate the trajectory of your life and career.

Sure. If you are determined to elevate your life and career from where it is right now and take it to the next level and if you are committed to putting in the efforts and time into achieving this, I will set aside an hour on my calendar to have a deep and insightful discussion with you. Click here to book a time on my calendar

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