Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

are the keys to building resilience and business continuity in the post pandemic world. At Potential Max, we are doing just that for our clients

Leadership Skills for the New World

The world as we know it has changed irrevocably. In the wake of the global pandemic, organizations from every corner of the world have woken up to a new paradigm, a new normal; one that is infinitely more challenging and uncertain. Leaders are scrambling to find answers that no one really has.

According to the Global Leadership Forecast 2018, only 42% of global leaders think their organisation’s leadership is of high quality.

The skills and competencies that the leadership of companies brought to the table are now largely defunct. A new class of supervisors, managers and leaders are now needed. The sort who have the ability to adapt to the changed world, the sort who are agile and who are empathic; above all one that is resourceful, collaborative and communicative.

Any organization that is looking to not only weather the storm caused by the global pandemic and the economic woes that are following but are also looking to grow, seize the new opportunities that have opened up have to transform; from the inside and from the outside. This transformation is urgent, crucial and already overdue. The question is whether they are ready or not.

This is where targeted and individual development in the form of Executive Coaching and Leadership training comes in.


About Us

Potential Max Consultants, specialises in Leadership development and Executive Coaching. Our Certified and Credentialed Coaches and Master Trainers work with our clients from across the region in creatingIndividual Leadership Development Plans and High Performance Learning Journeys.

At Potential Max Consultants, we approach new engagements from a holistic perspective through detailed analysis and understanding of the business processes and systems, operational strategies, stakeholder expectations and on the ground situation before getting into people development needs. This ensures that every intervention we design and deliver are rooted in the organizational DNA and current working style which makes adoption easier and delivers higher ROI.

Our Engagements


The first step in our engagement with organizations is to thoroughly explore current business processes, understand present methodologies and systems being used. Many times this involves our consultants spending a day with the employees of our clients at various levels and observing them at work or doing field visits with the operational staff to understand the customer facing job functions better

Once we are clear about the current systems and processes as well as the operational methodologies, our next step is to sit down with the various stakeholders to better understand the pain points and the gaps between where they are currently and where they would like to be in the future. We design and administer 360 assessments, employee engagement surveys or other tools as required to supplement our interviews.

Based on the observations and studies in the Discover phase and the stakeholder interviews in the Discuss stage, we design a high performance learning journey. The HPLJ may consist of classroom training workshops, individual or team coaching programs, virtual training sessions or e-learning modules. We build the HPLJ based on what will work best for each individual client and based on their specific needs.

In the Deliver phase, we put into action the High Performance Learning Journey. Participants log on to their learning platforms or get access to e-learning and micro learning content or are scheduled to attend classroom training programs or coaching events. The learning starts in earnest under the careful supervision of certified coaches and trainers. Participants are expertly guided as they progress through their individual development journeys. 

The job is not over once the interventions are done. Our consultants work closely with the training department to monitor the progress made by the participants as well as the changes in behaviour noticed by the stakeholders. We use the Kirkpatrick model of training effectiveness evaluation model to demonstrate measurable results and positive ROI to the sponsors.

Our Offerings


Powerful and deep 1:1 as well as team coaching delivers highly precise and assured results.  Executive Coaching  is backed by scientific assessments, cutting edge developmental tools and expertise from certified coaches with years of experience


Get the Life you desire, the Career you deserve and the Business you want in just 4 steps with our revolutionary short and focused coaching programs. Affordable, fixed prices and result oriented coaching for everyone is now available.


Customised and researched content and expert facilitation come together in our classroom training workshops. We have a rich portfolio of over 200 courses covering everything including Sales, Leadership, Soft skills & HR.


In order to train employees and teams working remotely, we can offer our training and Executive Coaching virtually with all the interactivity, engagement & learning. Our programs are delivered LIVE by experienced facilitators.

Founder & Executive Coach

Coach Shivakumar

Coach Shivakumar is a highly regarded Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer with over 30 years of corporate experience having worked with multinational companies including Xerox Corporation, Novartis, Reliance Industries and LG Electronics.

As the Executive Director of Potential Max Consultants, Shivakumar is

  • a Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
  • a Certified Holistic Life, Career & Business Coach
  • a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Brinkerhoff Certified High Performance Learning Journey Architect

Coach Shivakumar is also an accomplished keynote speaker and a published author. His books are available at Amazon and he also contributes articles regularly to various journals and online platforms.


Clients we have worked with

We partner with progressive companies from across the GCC region in deploying our products and services towards transforming their talent needs, learning needs as well as leadership development initiatives. Our customers love working with us due to our deep understanding of their needs, our quick and efficient response and the quality of the delivery.