That Which can be Measured can be Improved.

Leadership and Cultural Assessment tools offer organizations the means to get to the granular level in terms of understanding the challenges as well as areas of hidden strengths. Using these tools go a long way in building resilience and preparing for disruptions.

Now, understand clearly instead of guessing

As part of Potential Max’s offerings are a series of Leadership & Cultural assessments that can be administered remotely. Clients who use our assessments include thousands of Mid and Senior level Executives from around the world. These assessments are expertly designed to offer in-depth insight and analysis and comes with a comprehensive client interpretive report.

Leadership Assessments

Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory

Intelligent Leadership Coaching

The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) is one of the most revealing “inner-core” leadership assessments that exist in the marketplace today. It is the strength, vibrancy and maturity of a leader’s character, self-concept, values, thinking patterns and emotional make-up (inner-core) that determines their success in the “outer-core” (skills and competencies). In other words, success as a leader starts with greatness in the “inner-core”.

Ideal for use with current leaders and high-potential and emerging leaders, the MLEI will reveal both the inner-core strengths that need to be leveraged and the inner-core gaps and limiting factors that must be addressed by a leader to unleash their full-potential. The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach utilizes the MLEI as part of his executive coaching assignments and there is a global database of over 5000 successful leaders who have leveraged the “game-changing” insights and feedback generated by this unique and popular leadership assessment. After completing this 20-minute (108-item) assessment, clients instantly see their results as the MLEI automatically generates a Client Interpretive Report.

Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index 360 (STLI-360)

360 Assessment

John Mattone’s proprietary Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360™ (STLI-360) is a 72-item (measuring 9 strategic and tactical “outer-core” leadership competencies) multi-rater assessment. It is one of the most popular leadership 360 assessments available today. If you want to have the STLI-360 administered, this includes us handling all the details to ensure your stakeholders are properly notified about their participation in your 360-assessment and provides confidential STLI-360 access information so they can provide their anonymous feedback.

In addition, we will prepare a rich, actionable custom 40-page STLI-360 Report that will enable you to: (a) compare your self-assessment ratings to your stakeholder’s (manager, peers, direct reports, indirect reports, and other) ratings; (b) detail your highest and lowest rated competencies and behaviors; (c) highlight your most significant “blind spots” and “surprise strengths”; and (d) capture “open-ended” comments from your stakeholders about your leadership strengths and development needs.

Culture Assessments

The 5 Cultures of Cultural Assessment

Organizational Culture

The 5 Cultures of Culture Assessment (5CCA) is a 40-item assessment that measures the strength and health of your overall current culture, based on the 5 elements that define culture: Capability Culture; Commitment Culture; Alignment Culture; Individual Performance Culture; and Team Performance Culture.

The 5CCA is one of the most unique and popular Culture Assessments in the market today because it is built based on research and proven culture constructs and models that John Mattone and his team have researched and uncovered working with global organizations over the past 30 years. The 5CCA generates a powerful and revealing 52-page report detailing the strengths and gaps in your culture. Unlike the culture assessments offered by other consulting firms that require you to attend their two to three-day certification program before you can use their assessment, we make it easy for you to start using and benefitting from the power of the 5CCA

Success Cultural Index (SCI)

Cultural Change Success

The Succession Cultural Index (SCI) will help you and your organization benchmark the effectiveness of your current succession processes and tools. Typically, this 57-item survey is completed by leaders and managers at all levels and the results provide a clear benchmark of the strengths and gaps of your organization’s succession and high-potential identification and development systems and tools

Talent Assessments

Talent Cultural Index (TCI)

Assessing Talent Culture

The Talent Cultural Index (TCI) will help you and your organization benchmark the effectiveness of your talent culture processes and tools. Typically, this 51-item survey is completed by leaders and managers at all levels and the results provide a clear benchmark of the strengths and gaps of the four “talent engines” that drive your culture and operating success.

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