Live! Virtual Training

With more and more people working remotely, whether from home or from work sites, there is an urgent need for training to move to where people are rather than waiting for people to come to where the training is happening. At Potential Max Consultants, we are ready to deliver our entire catalog of courses virtually thanks to our Live! Virtual Training platform.

The world of training and development has evolved over the years from purely classroom learning to blended learning, e-learning, micro learning and finally virtual learning. As per a report by Josh Bersin  more and more training is designed to be “in the flow of work” meaning that people can learn where they are, when they have the time and when they need the learning.

At its basic level, virtual learning refers to the process by which a training program originally designed to be delivered face to face is now adapted to be delivered virtually. The difference between virtual learning and e learning is that the virtual learning is delivered Live by the trainer and participants join  the ‘virtual classroom’ from whichever location they may currently be in. 

Modern technology makes it possible for participants to get the same experience virtually as they would have in a face to face classroom with similar levels of engagement, interaction and enjoyment.

At Potential Max, we are fully equipped to deliver all of our programs virtually expanding the versatility and viability of these programs to suit every client’s needs and budget.

LIVE! Virtual Training

At Potential Max, we have fully adapted to virtual training to meet the emerging demands from our clients from across the region.  We use Adobe Connect, the industry leading virtual classroom platform to deliver impactful and highly engaging training with Live sessions facilitated by multiple trainers. All coursework is fully digitised and participants can work on them simultaneously while watching the training program.

For a list of all the programs that are now available on the Live Virtual Training platform, click here

Our versatile and interactive platform allows for exceptional delivery of training programs and includes several features including:

  • Simultaneous multi trainer facilitation
  • Chat and information sharing forums
  • Q & A pod for moderated operations
  • Instant polls to engage audience
  • Engagement meter to keep track of participant’s energy and engagement levels
  •  File share and web links for activities
  • Breakout rooms for group activities



RAPL- Microlearning

RapL, short for Rapid Learning is an app that enables bite-sized learning that is reinforced and adapted to each employee. The app nudges employees to learn by continuously challenging them with important workplace scenarios. A fully stocked library with job aids acts as a ready reckoner on the job while gamification encourages and motivates your learners.


RapL is a revolutionary new platform that puts the power of learning into the hands of your  employees. By spending just 5 minutes a day, your front line employees can learn essential skills.

RapL enables high knowledge retention through gamified quiz based questions with audio visual cues. Salient features of RapL include:

  • Gamified Learning
  • Spaced repetition for maximum learning and retention
  • Quiz based multiple choice questions
  •  Participants can learn in their own language
  • Full featured backend analysis and reports

Watch RapL in Action