microlearning by rapl

Make Every Employee as Good as your Best

Not everyone learns the same way. While traditional classroom based training or even e-learning courses are more suited for management and leadership roles, the frontline employees are the ones who are at the customer facing end where learning needs to be more focused on the job they are doing. 

Neither traditional classroom learning nor e-learning courses are suitable when it comes to training the frontline employees. Challenges include logistics, time, cost and effectiveness.

Rapl from Linkstreet Learning is a game-changer when it comes to continuous training of people at the front-end. It is a mobile first technology platform through which your frontline employees, no matte where they may be, can learn something new by spending 5 minutes a day at their workplace.

RapL is based on AI and continuously adapts to the employee’s learning style and through repetition, ensures mastery of the subject matter.

Over 25000 users including thousands in the UAE are currently on the platform learning something new every single day. 


Bite sized learning

Active question based learning to engage learners.

retention focused

Scientific spaced repetition techniques for knowledge retention.


Learning is specific and adapted to each individual.

multilingual content

Learners can choose to view material in the language of their choice.

content library

A library of reference material acts as a ready reckoner on the job


Points, leaderboards and badges maintain a competitive spirit among learners.


Get started in less than a day, across mobile and desktop.

monitor learners

Hierarchy based monitoring by region, area, territory and more

why choose RAPL


An app that enables bite-sized learning that is reinforced and adapted to each employee. The app nudges employees to learn by continuously challenging them with important workplace scenarios. A fully stocked library with job aids acts as a ready reckoner on the job while gamification encourages and motivates your learners.


Pick from thousands of ready to use scenarios that are available, ranging from customer service and sales techniques to SOPs and safety & compliance. Our team of instructional designers and trainers also ensure rapid custom content creation for scenarios or products that are unique to your organisation


A single point of contact from our customer success team acts as your training partner by supporting you with monitoring employees, highlighting issues, updating databases and creating monthly presentations for internal purposes. They’re sole objective is to ensure that your digital training initiative succeeds.

Like to See RapL in Action?

We would love to show you a demo of how RapL can transform your frontline training.