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“Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.” ―B. R. Ambedkar


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Self Care

Here is a Self-Care Checklist and activity guide to achieving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals



As a leader, do you know your blindspots? Take this self-assessment and find out for yourself


Marketing for Business

This presentation will give you an overview of the importance of marketing for a small business with steps.


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RapL Microlearning

The RapL Microlearning app is an amazing learning tool to empower your frontline employees. Byte sized training through any mobile device with full gamification and spaced learning. Comprehensive analytics at the backend.

Demo of RapL

Here, you can see RapL in action. In this walkthrough you will see how the app looks, how the leaderboard and gamification works and how the quiz based learning topics look and feel. Finally, you will get to see the library of contents.

RECIBO Footprints Demo

Recibo Footprints is an all purpose Field Force Automation and Distribution Management system available as an app putting the power into the hands of your frontline salespeople. Learn more in this video.


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Distribution Management from Recibo

Track movement of your goods from your warehouse to the retailer in real time with geo tagging and time stamping. Track your delivery vehicles, delivery personnel with full data security and integrity. The Distribution Management module is part of Recibo Footprints.

Field Payment Solution from Recibo

Recibo footprints is a comprehensive field force payment solution that allows you to collect faster by empowering your field force to see retailer dues, past payments made in real time, raise invoices through hand held printers and collect and update payment status. Perfect for FMCG, telecom, channel sales teams

Sales Force Automation from Recibo

The Sales Force Automation module of Recibo Footprints enables you to keep track of your entire frontline sales force through geo tagging, time stamping while allowing the team to capture market intelligence in real time, update customer information and manage in field activities with leave management as well.


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