experiential WORKSHOPS

Expand the Mind. Explore the New. Embrace the Knowledge.

Our Workshops go beyond being just training sessions by focusing in depth on issues and challenges faced by people and organizations in today’s changed paradigm. They offer practical, time-tested and proven methodologies to solve these challenges while at the same time, bringing a new and contemporary viewpoint and by embracing all that modern technology and methods can give us, as tools towards achieving these goals.


Our Workshops are designed to maximize learning and minimize guesswork. All the courses come with comprehensive workshop material including content rich participant manuals, reference guides and charts. The pre workshop and post workshop assessments are carefully designed to deliver clear objectives in terms of the actual learning as well as ROI from the training.

Fully Interactive & Immersive

The Workshops are completely hands-on and interactive. Participants learn by doing themselves rather than simply watching powerpoint presentations leading to greater impact and interest.

Comprehensive Workshop Material

All  Workshops come with comprehensive workbooks, student manuals, reference tables and reckoners and use of visual aids to reinforce learning and deliver higher knowledge retention for everyone.

Pre & Post Workshop Assessments

All Workshops come with pre workshop assessments to check existing levels of competence as well as Post workshop assessments to measure ROI and improvement levels of participants.

Why attend the Workshops?

All too often in today’s frantic working environment, there is simply no time to reflect and absorb new thinking, embrace new techniques and learn new skills. We are caught up in the cycle of performing in our jobs as best as we can while trying to get stuff done on the personal front as well. Understandably, this constant pressure does not lend itself to creating opportunities to enhance our knowledge. The result is that we often go from task to task and when suddenly, we get stuck with something, we tend to go around rather than work out way through it.

The Workshops are designed for just such a person. These workshops offer the condensed truth and experiences from around the world, conveniently packaged into one or two days. You are thus able to get the distilled wisdom and experiences of experts in these areas in a manner that makes it easy for you to understand, assimilate and absorb.

How long are these workshops?

All LearnMax workshops are fully modular in nature and allows for learning in bite sized chunks thus making it easier to be taken in. All workshops are either one, two or three days in duration depending on the complexity of the topic chosen as well as the level of the workshop.

What comes with the Workshops?

All workshops while being modular in nature are also fully self-contained in that they explore each topic in its entirety and by going as deep as required. Apart from world class content, curated from experts in the respective areas from around the world, each workshop comes with comprehensive study and reference materials including complete student guide, reference charts and ready reckoners, pre and post assessments, exercises, workbooks and activities. The Workshop attendees also get a Certificate of Completion.

Our Workshop Attendees Say...

A testimony to how effective the workshops are, is the fact that many of our attendees come back for newer workshops. Here's a sampling of what they think about us...
" Your Goals for a Life with Balance workshop was a 10/10 for me. It opened my eyes to what could be achieved with everything that is surrounding my life."
-H. Eissa
"The workshop offered excellent ROI and it makes you think a lot about the things that are valuable to us. I will be definitely returning"
-A. Kathmale
"I loved the Personal Branding workshop very much and intend to use the skills I learned right away in my life and career"
-I. Acopian
" I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 Steps to Job Success workshop. I got some great insights about how to go about with a job search strategy and in making my "Bulletproof" Resume."
-Khalid B
" I got great value out of the workshop and it was a good opportunity to gain insight from a Recruiter's viewpoint that allows me to apply the techniques everywhere."
-A. Wood
"This workshop is a must for anyone looking to progress in their careers. The information was great and well presented"
-Lea C