All of us know what we want out of our life, our career, and our business. Right? Well..not really. Research has shown that only about 6% of people around the world actually know precisely what their goals are to the extent that they have written down their goals. This means the vast majority, billions of people have no clue what they want.

This fact is not really surprising considering that people rarely are able to articulate their goals. Usually, their goals are just a vague concept in their minds in the form of a strong feeling that something is missing in their lives and that they ought to do something about it soon. But, the reality is that they are not able to pinpoint exactly what is needed.

As a Performance & Success Coach, I often ask my clients what their goals are. The answers are along expected lines such as “I want to get a better paying job” or ” I want to save more money” or even “I want to start a business”. While all of these are good goals to have, perhaps what one needs to verify is that these are really what one wants out of life.

Let me give an example. When my clients tell me that they want to get a better paying job, I ask them “and what will that give you?”. They reply “I will be able to save more money”. Again my question is “and what will that give you?”. The answer is “I will be able to provide a better life for my family”. I repeat my question “OK. so what will achieving that give you?”. After thinking for a while, they say “It will give me happiness and peace of mind”. Now, that is what they really, REALLY want. Happiness and Peace of Mind, not another job. So, anything that would give them the same result would be acceptable and not just another better paying job.

When you think of the reasons why you want to achieve something in your life or career next time, keep asking yourself “and what will that give me?” until you can answer it no more and THAT will be what you really, really, REALLY want.